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Leaders of NDRC and CIIA Present at the TEEX for Instruction

Date : 2015-12-15

In the morning of December 10, Xu Jiangping, section chief of Academy of Industrial Economy, NDRC, Su Tao, executive vice secretary of CIIA, Zeng Lianbing, subeditor of China Venture Capital, Zhou Xiaomei, office director and Wang Bo, deputy director of China Council of Finance Innovation and Development arrived at TEEX for work guidance and instruction; Hu Fei, managing director of TEEX and Chen Zhengxiao, project leader rolled out warm receiption and attended the work conference.


Hu Fei introduced the basic situations of TEEX and the transaction mode of B2B2C. He said that the innovativeness of TEEX created the concept of chain financial service and financial sharing and credit sharing is fulfilled through credit extension by bank to industry, thus addressing difficult and costly financing of enterprises and removing the development bottleneck. Meanwhile, the launching and operation of B2B2C mode has positive and practical significance to promote professional, normalized and international development of China's cross-border e-commerce.

The leadership research group expressed full affirmation and appreciation and stressed that as the pioneer in innovation in the industry, TEEX can take the practical problems encountered in the process of development as the topic, provide solving ideas, form industry research report and report to the competent department and supervision department for in-depth exploration and feasibility study from the perspective of policy. In the future, pilot units can be established for popularization to better serve the platform-based enterprise clusters and make landed policies serve real economies.


After the conference, members of the leadership group took pictures with leaders of TEEX to mark the occasion.